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Dog Bed Cover Material Selections

Please scroll down to see dozens of choices of durable materials to cover your dog beds. If you have a special theme or are working with a decorator, you can also send us your fabric. Please give us a call or e-mail us for customer supplied fabric orders. 100% Waterproof liners are also available for all our beds. PLEASE NOTE: Due to mill lots, computer monitor and printer settings fabric colors may vary from the picture. If you need an exact color, please send us your material or order fabric samples. These examples are for general reference only and are not represented to be an exact match for the items you are ordering.

Fabric samples are available for $29.The charge is fully refundable when you order. Please select up to 6 samples.

Faux Suede Microfibre Fabrics

A Group 1 Fabric Selection

Our Microfibre is an ultra soft, very durable, high tech fabric. This water resistant (NOT waterproof) fabric is very breathable. It's buttery smooth and thick and it has great color depth. This material withstands thousands of washings when used with our removable covers. For our pet sofa beds, it cleans well with just a damp cloth between shampooings. If you need waterproof, please see our waterproof fabric choices below. These materials are commercial grade and very durable yet NO FABRIC is chew proof. This will not survive destructive dogs.

Black Microfiber
Buckskin Microfiber
Celery Microfiber
Charcoal Microfiber
Chocolate Microfiber
Purple Microfiber
Navy Microfiber
Olive Microfiber
Oyster Microfiber
Hot Pink Microfiber
Hot Pink
Red Microfiber
Wine Microfiber

Soft Glove Faux Leather

A Group 2 Fabric Selection

WATERPROOF and durable, these soft glove faux leathers are exceptionally sturdy, yet are extremely soft and pliable, providing comfort worthy of Max Comfort world's most comfortable dog beds. It has the look and feel of fine Italian calfskin leather. It's soft, like glove leather. This is not vinyl. It is made of polyurethane. It's half as thick as our regular faux leather and stronger. It does not crack and is very puncture resistant. This covering dissipates heat, so it stays much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It wipes clean with water. Soap and diluted bleach won't damage it if needed. This material performs fabulously with waterproof assurance. These materials are commercial grade and very durable yet NO FABRIC is chew proof. They will not survive destructive dogs.

blue soft glove faux leather
green soft glove faux leather
deep red soft glove faux leather
Deep Red
Limestome soft glove faux leather
musk brown soft glove faux leather
Musk Brown
kona brown soft glove faux leather
slate soft glove faux leather
Slate Grey
charcoal soft glove faux leather
midnight black soft glove faux leather

Cordura Nylon

A Group 2 Fabric Selection

Our 1000 Oak and 1050 Dernier Cordura Nylon are for "chew resistant" (Not chew proof) dog beds. You may select this for any of our dog beds or pet sofa beds. Knowing what a 100 pound dog on a mission can do, we will never call any fabric "chew proof". These are good, strong fabrics that will hold up to most, not all, chewers and scratchers. They are heavy woven fabrics used for back packs and soft sided luggage. Our 1000 Dernier Oak Cordura Nylon is made in the U.S.A. to U.S. military specifications. These are not waterproof. These materials are commercial grade and very durable yet NO FABRIC is chew proof. They will not survive destructive dogs.

1050 Ballistic Black Cordura Nylon
Ballistic Black
1000 Denier Cordura Oak

Vinyl Pleather Faux Leathers

A Group 1 Fabric Selection

Our faux leathers have good durability. This is a thick, heavy vinyl with a leather like grain. They clean easily by wiping with mild dish soap. Faux leathers are WATERPROOF. These materials are commercial grade and very durable yet NO FABRIC is chew proof. This will not survive destructive dogs.

Black Vinyl Faux Leather
Blue Vinyl Faux Leather
Brown Vinyl Faux Leather
Camel Vinyl Faux Leather
Charcoal Vinyl Faux Leather
Green Vinyl Faux Leather
Apple Red Vinyl Faux Leather

Vinyl Selections

A Group 1 Fabric Selection

These are commercial quality vinyl, which is 29 ounce and very heavy duty. Wipe clean with mild dish soap.

Black Vinyl
Medium Blue Vinyl
Medium Blue
Royal Blue Vinyl
Royal Blue
Concord Vinyl
Orange Vinyl
Red Vinyl
Tea Rose Vinyl
Tea Rose
Yellow Vinyl
Camo Vinyl

Crypton Water Resistant Fabric

A Group 2 Fabric Selection

These fabrics are sturdy and comfortable. They are available for all our BioMedic memory foam dog beds and dog furniture. Crypton is an advanced, environmentally friendly performance fabric. It delivers protection against many stains. Crypton fabric is water resistant, NOT waterproof. Crypton faux suede is offered in Black, Brown, Coco Brown, Red, and Tan. The blissful blue twill is a soft brushed woven twill. This is even more durable than the suede. The Ceylon is a strong woven that has UV inhibitors for use outdoors. The Rotator is a very heavy woven fabric. It's like soft sided luggage material. Finished in America of imported materials. These materials are commercial grade and very durable yet NO FABRIC is chew proof. They will not survive destructive dogs. Beautifully Designed. Durable. Easy To Maintain.

 dog bed fabric black suede crypton
Black Suede
blissful blue woven
Blissful Blue
dog bed fabric brown suede crypton
dog bed fabric outdoor ceylon woven
 dog bed fabric coco brown suede crypton
 dog bed fabric red suede crypton
Red Suede

Specialty Woven

A Group 2 Fabric Selection

These are broad woven tapestry upholstery fabrics. They are not prints. You may select these for the top panel of our BioMedic memory foam memory foam dog beds, bolster beds or the center cushion for your sofa bed. These are cotton poly blends so they will require special care, gentle wash and line dry or fluff in the dryer with no heat.

bird dogs 1.0
Bird Dogs 1.0
Doggies 1.0
Doggies 1.0
Floral 2.0
Floral 2.0
Friends 1.0
Friends 1.0
Puppies 1.0
Puppies 1.0
What Are Fabric Groups?
Group 1 Fabrics our standard everyday selections.
Group 2 Fabrics are our specialty fabrics. They are an added cost, but add benifit.

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