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8” Thick SUPER PLUSH Orthopedic Bed for Big Dogs With Therapeutic Pillow

$199.95 $319.95

The Napper SUPER PLUSH is the next big thing in orthopedic dog beds for large dogs. These beds have all the support and benefits of the original Napper plus a new super plush comfort shell. Designed for big dogs that need a little extra cushion. If your dog has sore hips or swollen elbows or maybe they're just big and old and they lay in bed 23 hours a day, this is the perfect bed for them.

Your dog really wants a great bed.

  • USA MADE – Since 2003, Expertly handcrafted in our Northern California workshop that's been making artisan furniture for over 30 years.
  • Extremely Comfortable - Perfectly balanced bed calibrated for large to huge dogs with an added layer of comfort.
  • Super Durable – Won’t sag or flatten over time. American made orthopedic foam. Every component is heavy duty. 10 Year Warranty.
  • Easy Cleaning – Tough yet soft microfiber cover with an extra long zipper that goes well over half way around the bed.
  • Truly Waterproof Liner – The MaxC-Flex foam mattress with enhanced super plush layer stays clean, comfy and dry no matter what.

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Therapeutic Pillow Provides Neck Support
Your big dog really needs a good bed.

Most dog beds just don’t have the support needed for a large dog. If your dog sinks halfway (or more) into their bed that means it’s severely lacking in support. Imagine if you sank 4 to 6” into your mattress. Just like you, your dog needs good support for proper alignment.

A really good bed is all about quality and balance.

In addition to the right support, a great dog bed must also be really comfortable. We accomplish this with our dual stage MaxC-Flex foam inserts. These mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified and calibrated for just the right balance of comfort and support. Big Dogs need better cushioning for their joints, for good circulation, and so they don’t reposition all night due to being uncomfortable. These balanced inserts are more comfortable and made from better quality foam than many human mattresses.

Our luxury Max-Loft Comfort Layer adds extra cushioning Added softness for comfort. It also provides breathability for better temperature regulation keeping the bed cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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Solid foam therapeutic pillow.

Our HD Super Soft solid foam pillow provides perfect neck support and alignment for large dogs. Something that can’t be done with fiber fill or shredded foam. This proprietary pillow is more comfortable than most human pillows.

Excellent for older dogs,

But any dog will appreciate the added comfort and support. Truly orthopedic and therapeutic for dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Will not sag or flatten, our durability is paramount.

With thousands of quality big dog beds in service for over 15 years our engineering has more than proven itself. By using the right high-quality American made foam we achieve perfect balance of comfort, support and extreme durability. We’ve been making top quality dog beds since 2003. Many of our early beds are still in service and feel like new. When we put a 10-year guarantee on our beds we know they will last at least 10 years in heavy service.

Easy to Clean

Tough yet soft microfiber cover. This upholstery grade material holds up to hundreds of laundry cycles, big dogs nails and is moderately water resistant. These Napper SUPER PLUSH beds include a truly waterproof liner. Built with extra long zippers that go over half way around the bed for your ease of maintenance.

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Veterinarian Recommended

Veterinarians frequently recommend our beds knowing that older and challenged dogs may regain some resemblance of their youthful selves through the use of a truly orthopedic bed. Although not 100% of dogs will react this way sometimes the improvement can be dramatic. This holds true especially for the large breeds such as Labradors, Dobermans, Great Danes & Mastiffs. We have supplied veterinarian professionals and veterinary teaching hospitals over the past 15 years and truly appreciate all their referrals.

You and your dog will love this bed. Guaranteed.
90 day money back guarantee!

Don't see a bed that fits your needs, Good News! We can make you a Custom Bed to your specifications with any of the fabrics available on this site. Just contact us by phone (707) 823-7387, email, or facebook and we'll be happy to help.

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