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Here is what some of our customers had to say about our products:

Big Dog Beds and Max Comfort, Inc. are proud to announce that we were a featured sponsor on ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition. We are listed under Ty's Secret Project: Jake's Bedroom & Bath.

WOW! I just received my bed and I have to tell you it is THE BEST dog bed I have ever had! I am nearly dumbfounded at the quality and the fabric is amazing! I have enclosed some photos of it in the back of my "hunting rig" for you! The custom fit is perfect and as you can see my two children, Grizz and Sophie, LOVE it! Thank you for the excellent customer service and product! I will reccommend you to everyone I know and will be a lifetime customer!

Scott, Sagle, ID

Checker absolutely loves her new bed.

Jennifer, Sebastopol, CA

Well I have to tell you Gracie LOVES the bed. Gracie is very much a creature of habit and when something is new or different she snubs it for a few days until she sees that it is still there, well not this time. My husband called her over and she got on laid down and was snoring within 5 minutes. It fits perfectly in the corner and looks great as well. Thank you so very much for caring enough about our four legged children to make these wonderful beds.

Judy, Yountville, CA

I received the dog bed I ordered and tucker loves it. It fits perfectly and the extra cover is great. Thank you for your help while ordering.

Bonny, Pittsburg, PA

The dog bed fits perfect in the backend of my SUV!!! Thank you so much! I know my dogs are going to love the new feel in riding in the SUV. It is perfect!

Deb, Carmel, IN

Madison loves it!! Usually it takes Madison months to get used to a new bed, but as soon as I unwrapped this new bed she was on it as soon as I put it down on the floor. She had ACL surgery in October & I think the memory foam has really made her feel more comfortable.

Marsha, Archbold, OH

Dawson (120# Newfoundland) is very pleased with his new bed. He can stretch out nicely on the XL model, and I have noticed that he moves better in the mornings. There's even room for Saffy, his new little "sister". I love the easy care fabric, and the "dog mocha" print is actually quite attractive ~ not too cutesy. :) We all thank you for your help getting this great bed to Alaska !

PJ, Alaska

We finally got settled in to our new location and, as I promised, here are pictures of Heidi relaxing on the beautiful bed you made for her. She loves it and I get lots of comments and have given your company name to all that ask.

Linda, Livermore, CA

About five years ago I purchased a bed from you for my Great Dane, Thor. The foam on the bed is as resilient as when it was new. We went through a number of beds whose foam always flattened after a while of 190 pounds of canine joy using it every day. We liked the bed so much that we purchased two more and all are holding up extremely well being used by Toby - Thor's nephew, Dar the Rottweiler, and Tommy Girl, our Pit Bull rescue girl. I always refer my friends to you to buy a dog bed - whenever they complain about the price, I tell them - buying a cheaper bed is false economy. It won't last - you'll end up buying more beds and in the long run spending much more money that if you had bought a "Big Dog" bed in the first place.


I just wanted to let you know we received the bed yesterday. Wow! It takes a lot to impress me, and even more to convince me. I have to tell you that I was awed by the quality and craftmanship of your bed. This is THE most impressive dog bed I have ever had the good fortune of owning! It is simply amazing! The dogs immediately jumped on it and didn't want to get off! They, as we, love this bed! Thank you so much for everything, including making it the 8" model! We can't thank you enough. And I know that our Boxers; Savannah & Hudson thank you!

Paolo, Bridgeport, CT

I spoke with you last week about my amputee retriever and her special needs. You were so kind and sent me the most amazing bed for her. It was impressive how quickly it arrived. It makes it so much easier for her to get up and while she still sleeps on my bed, I truly believe she appreciates the comfort of her new bed. She's definitely a princess and deserves only the best! Thanks again for helping to make her last months more comfortable.

Lisa, Redwood City, CA

This is the best dog bed I've ever seen. I've had three mastiff's and have gone through a lot of beds. I wish I had found you earlier. I laid down on the bed and it's more comfortable than my bed!

Catherine, Middletown, CT

I wanna thank you for being so helpful with the ordering process, and anyone who had a hand in the construction of Willie's new bed for their excellent craftsmanship. The bed is out in the truck right now "fluffing" in preparation for Willie's ride downtown this evening, and then home later tonight. He'll have nearly 100 miles logged by day's end, just the first of many thousands of miles.

Mark, Powder Springs, GA

Thanks for the GREAT Service and Top Notch Quality Product. Exceeded my expectations and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. It is well worth the money spent! Chase and Raiko now have an incredible dog crate bed that covers the entire floor of the large crate and I can be assured that I am providing the best product for their hips/joints right from the start. A pleasure to have met and done business with you! Thanks so much.

Tish, Transfer, PA

We have 3 of these memory foam dog beds for our 3 Dobermans and they all love them. So comfortable and so well made!


I received the dog bed today and I love it!!! (So does Lance!) It fits in his crate perfectly.

Leslie, Heath, TX

First let me tell you that your dog bed is great. My elderly dog Angus, who turned 12 on August 31st has been sleeping on it almost all the time since it arrived. The new puppy (one year old) rests her nose on it. And at night I lie down next to Angus on it for a few hours to keep him company. There is enough room for all three of us. It turned out to be the entire width of the free space in the living room, so we are now spending much of our time in the kitchen where it fits (barely) with enough room to still cook and sit at the table. I know my back is the better for it and Angus (Bernese Mountain Dog) certainly seems to like to stretch out on it and sleep, a good activity for a senior citizen dog.

Carol, Ripton VT

The dog bed arrived today and it's wonderful. By far, the best looking and most well constructed dog bed I have ever purchased (and my husband will attest--I've bought A LOT of them for all of our dogs!). Thanks so much.

Susan -- Ithaca, NY

Fast, friendly, helpful service. My dog loves his new couch!!!

Kelly -- Virginia Beach, VA

Jack the dog looks like a king on his new couch!

Nicole -- Camano Island, WA

My hound dog loves it! Quality built.

Penny -- Corona, CA

I was blown away with the quality of this dog bed - fantastic! Super A+ Thanks!!

Charlotte -- Gettysburg, PA

The whole family loves the product!

Sabrina -- Sun City, AZ


Alex -- Warwick, RI

Indeed a pleasure doing business with; Wonderful product!!!! THANKS

Joanne -- Bethlehem, GA

Great quality my GSDs love it. I guess I'll have to get some more

Galen -- North Hollywood, CA

Metro is very happy with his new dog bed. Thank you.

AnnMarie -- Centerreach, NY

What a great quality couch. My dobie loves it. Thanks!!

Erica -- Irving, TX

An excellent product!

Corinne -- Chula Vista, CA

This is the coolest item for your dog - made well and oh so comfy! THANKS!

Steven -- Poway, CA

Received Porky's crimson couch's adorable! The fabric matches our family room couch and I can't wait till my family sees it Christmas day!! Thanks so much.

Judi -- Sewickley, PA

Wonderful product, dog loves it, and strong enough for drunken buddies. Thanks.

Allison -- Loveland, CO

Very cute, my dogs love it.

Barbara -- Anderson, SC

My dogs have now joined the ranks of couch potatoes...I love it

Robin -- Portland, OR

Thank you for the lovely couch for my bunny. Thomas really likes it.

Liz -- Evergreen Park, IL

Tinkerbelle loves her new couch and it looks great in my new office.

Rebekah -- Modesto, CA

Very well made and attractive, looks great in living room, dog loves it! Thanks.

Mary -- Ann Arbor, MI

Highest recommendation! Excellent customer service! A+ product

Christi -- Eden Prarie, MN

Very cool dog bed, and very well made!! Highly recommended!!

Karl -- Lansing, MI

Pleasure doing business with you! We love the bed. Thanks for your help!!

Lisa -- Concord, CA

Quality construction, cute item, good communication!

Alicia -- South Setauket, NY

By far, this is the best dog bed (sofa) on the planet...and this company is a gem to do business with.

Dawn -- San Diego, CA

Super comfortable dog bed - Extra Large memory foam bed fits 2 big dogs & they love it!

Kathy -- Escondido, CA

Fabulous dog bed. My dog looks even more comfortable. Love it! Thanks!

Carol -- San Bruno, CA

Thank you!!!! Would buy from again!!!!!!! A+++++++++++++++

Jared -- Drumright, OK

I love this dog bed, so does my dog! It's perfect, we're very happy, thank you!

Christine -- Redford, MI

When you hear the word unconditional love think of Big Dog Beds to facilitate your dog bed demands. No more cheap ugly beds, no more settling for sub standards, and most of all it is about quality over quantity. Now when my wife sends me to the dog house I know I will sleep much more comfortably then she will. Move over Fido.

Rick, Kim & King -- Aliso Viejo, CA

The bed is a great success! He has even stopped getting on the furniture because he likes his bed better.

Lori -- Novi, MI

We've had the bed for just a week and he's feeling much better. I'm so thrilled! I just saw him run for the first time in years! Thank you!

Karen -- Kentfield, CA

Just wanted to let you know how much my lab, Autumn, LOVES her new memory foam bed. It exceeded my expectations.

Michelle -- Austin, TX

Thanks for getting our new bed out to us! We all love it! We have plenty of room to spread out, and mom loves how the fabric won't tear or show the dirt that we bring in on our paws. It's so nice to snuggle, and mom even laid down for a little while with us. We are going to spend many happy years on our new space foam bed...Thank You!

Pooh and Tigger -- Pilot Point, TX

My big boy has a whole new attitude!!! He loves his new bed!

Connie -- Commerce Twp, MI

I received my couch a week or so ago, WOW! That'S NICE! My mom enjoys sitting on it in our family room so I don't get to use it much. During the night she puts my couch in her bedroom. I refuse to let her know I like it so I sleep on the floor next to it. In the middle of the night I usually sneek up and sleep on my couch but, if she rolls over I quickly get off so she doesn't know that I'm on it. Thanks for such a nice bed!

Jami -- Little Canada, MN

Received the wonderful bed for our coon hound. It is sooo perfect, & exactly what I hoped it would be. It is big enough for 2 coon hounds & it keeps her off of my carpet!!! Absolutely perfect. The 1st morning after, this dog slept until 9:15 AM -- unheard of for this dog! THANKS

Anni -- Austin, TX

Hi there, it's not often if at all, I'm compelled to write a seller and tell how much I love their product but Im writing u. The beds I purchased from u r wonderful and the quality beyond compare. I just looked today at PetSmart and comparded to yours (excuse my french) they have nothing but crap. I have a rescue dog that is fearful of EVERYTHING. Yours is the first bed that didn't slide when he stepped on it, thus scaring him and he loves it!!! I will be buying from u again.!

Lisa -- Huntington Beach, CA

Thank you very much for our wonderful dog bed!! It is great!! Our dog loves it!! I wish I could have one of these!! Lucky Dog!!!! Thanks again for all of your help and advice. I have told a lot of my friends about your product and how happy my dog really is.

Natalie -- Brandon, FL

THANK YOU for these amazing beds. I have three dogs - 8 yo, 4 yo and 9 months. NEVER in the past 8 years has my dog taken to a dog bed like this. Neither has the four year old. I would buy them a bed and then they would lie down next to it instead of on it. These days it's a race to the bedroom and they all jump on their beds and stay there all night! Memory foam beds for dogs is GREAT! Keeps them off of our Tempurpedic :)

Jodi -- Prospect, KY

Thanks for the great customer service. I wanted to share with you a funny story about the bed. It arrived after my Christmas company had arrived. I opened up the small box that contained the big bed and was rather put out by the crumpled up mess that emerged from that little box. My family joked that the dogs would have difficulty lying on the brown lump. But as we set there and talked, the bed slowly began to settle and before we knew it, my 16-year-old dachshund Baushi found it and was comfortably relaxed on what she knew must be her new bed. When I began searching the Web for a new dog bed, I must have looked at 25 sites before settling on your bed. I know now that I made the correct decision. Thanks again,

Lisa -- Ada, OK

This is "Sami" Gioiello. I talked with you about my Labs new sofas. They came in today! WONDERFUL! I told my babies to "Get on your new Sofa"... and they did! They really like them... So do we! "Samson" (the white lab) is the one I told you about having Arthiritis. Everytime he has laid down today, it was on his new sofa. "Big John" (the yellow lab) follows me around all the time, but, when I sit down... he gets on his new sofa! Thanks again...

Sami -- Panama City, FL

The bed arrived at my home just this morning and I must say: Samantha appears to be really LOVING & ENJOYING it! And "The Human She Owns" also happens to feel pretty good about it as well as it goes rather nicely with the rest of the living-room decor. No doggy beds I've seen elsewhere even come close to being as nice as this one!

Barbara -- New York, NY

I received the dog sofa today and it is absolutely beautiful!

Denise -- Flushing, NY

Got my bed and my big dog loves his new big bed! So do the other 2 so I may have to order again!

Lousie -- Nashville, TN

I just received the 2 beds that I had ordered from you and they are WONDERFUL !

Jon -- Wilmington, DE

Got it all okay, unpacked it, and the dog decided to forgoe her existing blanket and use the new comfy pad. Thanks very much.

Paul -- Santa Clara, CA

Just letting you know my sofa arrived today! It was EXACTLY what I wanted & I know you all went to a lot of trouble to get this wolf pattern. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it so very much & if I know of anyone who would like one of these sofas I will highly recommend your company. Thank you again!

Chris -- Tonawanda, NY

Just to let you know that our ottomans arrived safe and sound this morning. As anticipated, they are a real hit with our 13-year old arthritic shepherd mix. She used them immediately and without any difficulty as steps up to our living room sofas, where she sleeps regularly. The ottomans work particularly well because they are deep enough to permit the dog to do a 1-to-2 step run up in order to launch herself up from the ottoman to the sofa level without hesitation, thereby avoiding painful slipping and leaning. Thanks for your help for your prompt delivery of an excellent product!

Harvey and Cassie -- Wantage, NY

My Bulldog finally came through and started sleeping on the bed for about a week now. He must love the bed because in the 7 years that I have had him he has never snored as loud as he has been lately. I am sure he is sleeping well because I wake up to my alarm clock and he doesn't ever hear it. I give him a gentle kiss and he continues to snore. Thanks for his comfort.

John -- Ridgewood, NY

Sugar, our 2-year old 85 pound aggressive Belgian Malinois loves her extra large faux leather dog couch, however, we have a snoring problem now.

Shari -- brown, CA

I love the ottoman. Sofie my Border Collie loves it too. Thank you!

Zelda -- Santa Rosa, CA

I received my bed and my dog seems to love it!! I think it's a great product, THANK YOU!!!

Brenda -- Cathedral City, CA

Thank you so much I love the dog sofa. And all the dogs and my cats love it. They had to learn to share. Thanks again

Elizabeth -- Los Angeles, CA

The beds arrived yesterday and the dogs are loving it! Thank you!

Eterei -- San Francisco, CA

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