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Max Comfort, World's best orthopedic memory foam dog beds since 2003

Foam Dog Beds

dog beds comfort nest
Extra Large comfort nest dog bed
The Most Comfortable Dog Beds Ever!

See our full line of Max Comfort BioMedic orthopedic dog beds. They provide the absolute maximum comfort for your dog. Available in rectangle dog beds, round pet beds, bolster beds, waterproof and a pillow dog beds.

Maximum durability with a

World's Best Dog Beds!
Memory foam pet bed  waterproof dog bed

Dog Furniture

dog furniture Kika sofa
Large Kika pet sofa
Max Comfort Dog Furniture

What does your dog like better than sleeping on your sofa?
Sleeping on their own dog sofa!

Click above or scroll down to see our complete line of dog furniture including pet sofa beds, dog couches, dog day beds, dog bed frames and dog lounges. This is real furniture, designed and dimensioned for your dogs. Available in five styles and any size your dog could possibly want.

"This is the coolest item for your dog - made well and oh so comfy!" THANKS!

Modern Dog Furniture
modern dog furniture

Modern pet sofa beds offer clean design, durability and most of all comfort! All our quality dog furniture has a sturdy wood frame, durable upholstery and real furniture foam. This is real furniture designed from the ground up for dogs. BioMedic memory foam cushions available for the most comfortable dog furniture ever!

Kika Dog Furniture
pet furniture Kika

Kika dog furniture features an ultra modern design.

Isadora Pet Sofa Beds
Isadora dog sofa

Isadora pet furniture features wing arms for your dog to snuggle into.

Gustavo Pet Sofas
dog couch GUSTAVO

Gustavo pet sofas feature extra wide arms for style and comfort.

Premier Dog Furniture
dog furniture

Premier luxury dog sofas have rolled arms and rounded back with a removable BioMedic memory foam cushion for comtemporary styling and comfort.

Pet Ottomans
extra large dog sofa

Our pet ottomans extend the sleeping area of your pet sofa. They attach to the pet sofas securely.

Pet Day Beds
dog furniture,dog day beds

Dog day beds are perfect for a nice sleeping place at the end of your bed or in front of your pet's favorite sunny window. We have different length legs to set up the height for just what you need.

Dog Beds
orthopedic dog beds

World's best dog beds! Max Comfort BioMedic dog beds are the most comfortable pet beds ever. Perfect for older or challenged dogs but the incredible comfort of this dog mattress is appreciated by any dog of any age. Memory foam dog beds in sizes from tiny to huge. Maximum comfort guaranteed.

Comfort Den Orthopedic Dog Bolster Bed
dog bolster beds den

All the comfort of our BioMedic memory foam dog bed mattress plus a bolster on 3 sides capped with memory foam so your dog is surrounded by a memory foam pillow!

Comfort Nest Dog Bolster Beds
dog bolster bed comfort nest

All the comfort of our BioMedic dog bed mattress enhanced by a bolster capped with memory foam on all 4 sides. The pinnacle of dog bolster beds.

Comfort Zone
comfort zone bolster dog beds

All the features of the Comfort Den with a stylish twist.

Kika Comfort Den
kika dog bolster beds

All the features of the Comfort Den with a stylish twist.

Round Dog Beds
round orthopedic dog beds

BioMedic memory foam orthopedic dog beds in round sizes from 18" to a huge 57" round.

Pillow Pet Beds
memory foam dog beds with pillow

BioMedic dog beds plus a built in 3" memory foam pillow at the head of the bed.

Custom Dog Beds
custom dog furniture and dog beds

Can find exactly what you're looking for? If you are having trouble selecting a dog bed, have special needs or need a custom dog bed or furniture, please give us a call.

Pet Lounge
dog couch

Max Comfort lounges are available in 4 sizes from little to a 4 foot long extra large dog lounge for a nice long sleeping area. Add a Max Comfort BioMedic memory foam cushion and your dog will have a new favorite place!

Auto Den
SUV pet bed

Max Comfort Auto Dens for your car, truck or SUV. The ultimate SUV pet bed designed for traveling in memory foam comfort with an added layer of protection.

Modular Pet Furniture
modular pet furniture

This modular pet furniture offers endless possibilities to create your own custom comfort area for your pack.

Quick Covers for BioMedic Orthopedic Pet Beds
dog bed quick covers

Quick and easy to take on and off. A perfect addition to your BioMedic dog bed. Fits over the zippered cover so when your quick cover is in the laundry, your dog still has a bed. Remove or replace in under 30 seconds. Especially handy for the extra large dog beds.

Dog Bed Frames
pet bed frame

Upholstered with your choice of fabric or faux leather and includes legs. A stylish solution if your dog wants a raised bed

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