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Orthopedic dog beds, memory foam dog beds, orthopedic pet beds by Max Comfort® Worlds best dog beds.

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BioMedic™ Memory Foam Dog Beds
orthopedic dog beds with Cane comfort den dog bolster bed
The Most Comfortable Dog Beds Ever!
Max Comfort® BioMedic™ orthopedic dog beds provide the absolute maximum comfort for your dog.
Available as rectangle dog beds, round dog beds or dog beds with bolsters and pillow dog beds.
Maximum durability with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.
Worlds Best Pet Beds!
orthopedic memory foam dog bed inside

These truly orthopedic dog beds are the most comfortable dog beds ever!
Max Comfort® orthopedic pet beds provide excellent support and at the same time they are SOFT AND MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE than other dog beds.
A Max Comfort® memory foam dog bed from Big Dog Beds will provide luxurious comfort for the
life of your pet, GUARANTEED.

This product line begins with the Max Comfort® BioMedic™ dog bed.
gus orthopedic dog bed
These dog beds are a rectangle dog bed mattress available in sizes from 20" x 26" to a huge 52" x 72".

"Super comfortable dog bed - Extra Large memory foam bed fits 2 big dogs & they love it!"
Kathy -- Escondido, CA

You may add a 3 sided bolster to the mattress.
That's our Comfort den™ dog bed. Dog bolster bed

The 4 sided bolster dog beds are the Comfort Nest™ dog beds. memory foam comfort nest pet bed

These Max Comfort® BioMedic™ memory foam dog beds are very different from other beds represented as orthopedic dog beds. They provide unequaled comfort for, and some degree of prevention for, orthopedic conditions, such as hip or elbow Dysplasia and canine arthritis.

Max Comfort® BioMedic™ memory foam is much more dense than other orthopedic dog beds. This means our 4" dog bed provides more support and comfort than other 8" orthopedic dog beds and our BioMedic™ orthopedic dog beds are guaranteed to NEVER sag, flatten out, or break down and get lumpy

Please select the correct thickness BioMedic™ memory foam dog bed for your dog

4" dog beds have 2" of memory foam & 2" of support foam for dogs to 100 pounds.
6" dog beds have 3" of memory foam & 3" of support foam for dogs over 100 pounds.
8" dog beds have 3" of memory foam & 5" of support foam for even the biggest dogs.

All of our orthopedic dog beds have a zippered, removable, covers included. For your convenience we use extra long heavy duty zippers. They are full length along the long side of the bed plus over half way up both short sides. This really helps when changing your cover. For an additional cover you can change in under 30 seconds please see our quick covers.

"I just had to write to say what a great dog bed this is. My 4 year old Saint Bernard has arthritis in her hips and had to have hip replacement surgery due to hip dysplasia. I have purchased expensive "orthopedic" dog beds in the past, but after about six months they are broken down and sag in the middle. She would be up and down all night because she couldn't get comfortable. I purchased an orthopedic dog bed from you and she loves it! When we go to bed at night she stays on her bed until morning, and then I have to make her get up because she is so comfortable. Thanks for making such a great dog bed!!"
Joni--Lucasville, OH

Not only are these the most comfortable dog beds ever, they will also save you money in the long run. With our lifetime guarantee you will never have to replace this bed! Retains it's shape and comfort for the life of your dog!

We have designer dog furniture or an orthopedic dog bed that you and your pet will love!

This is the coolest item for your dog - made well and oh so comfy! THANKS!
Steven -- Poway, CA

By far, this is the best dog bed (sofa) on the planet...and this company is a gem to do business with.
Dawn -- San Diego, CA

Made in the USA Buy American

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