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Maggie on her custom auto den dog bed

Designed to fit. Our beds our engineered to fit the back-cab with the seats folded up.

Make your back seat a doggie dream come true

The back seat of your truck was designed for humans to sit on, not for dogs to lay on. It's too firm, lumpy, and not comfortable. It can also be hazzardous, especially the footwell. Our BioMedic memory foam dog beds for trucks give your loved one the extrexe comfort they deserve.

Give your dog the support and comfort they need for the road

The ultimate dog bed for traveling in comfort. Our truck bed cusions the rough ride and encorages them to nap.

U.S.A. Made Quailty

Hand crafted by us, here in Northern California. Top of the line quality materials & workmanship result in our beds providing more comfort and durability than any other dog bed, anywhere, guaranteed.

Great for dogs with travel anxiety

First use the bed in your home for a few days. Then move your dogs favorite new bed to the truck. Most dogs will ride much more easily now.

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Maggie on her custom auto den dog bed

Maggie on her custom auto den dog bed

Maggie on her custom auto den dog bed








The Napper Super Plush has all the benefits of the original Napper from Big Dog Beds plus a new plush comfort shell and a free waterproof liner.

You and your dog will love this bed. Guaranteed.
90 day money back guarantee!

Don't see a bed that fits your needs, Good News! We can make you a Custom Bed to your specifications with any of the fabrics available on this site. Just contact us by phone (707) 823-7387, email, or facebook and we'll be happy to help.

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